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Applying for legal assistance from professionals is the key to successful resolution of a legal dispute.

We have been professionally involved in representing client’s interests in courts since 2009, and during this time we have helped hundreds of our customers to achieve protection of their rights.

We are specialized in commercial and civil law disputes and have extensive experience in handling this category of cases, which allows us to make the right decisions and achieve a positive result for our clients.

Our experience of providing legal assistance approves that a well-formulated legal position and a well-chosen evidence base significantly increase the chances of a successful result for even the most difficult case.

Some reasons for seeking legal assistance specifically from the lawyer (advocate):

In Russian law system: advocate is an independent professional legal adviser.

According to part 1 of article 48 of the Constitution of the Russian Federation, everyone is guaranteed the right to receive qualified legal assistance. A person who seeks legal support from an advocate is guaranteed by the state, that such legal advice will be at expert level. To this purpose, the legislator provides for a number of requirements for advocates:

1. Higher education;

2. Work experience in the legal profession for at least two years;

3. Successful passing of a special qualification exam.

In his work, an advocate must honestly, reasonably and faithfully defend the rights and legitimated interests of the trustee in all ways not prohibited by law. The advocate is obliged to keep the confidentiality of the information received by provision of legal assistance (Attorney-client privilege).

Such high requirements for the professional training of an advocate and for his practice, established by the laws, aim to insure the high quality of legal assistance destined to the clients.

When you choose our legal services, you can be sure that your case will be handled by an  advocate who has the necessary competence and experience in similar cases.

On the website “Lawyers of Moscow” you can get information about our legal services, get free legal advice by filling out the form "consultation online", get helpful data in the sections "areas of activity", "useful information" and "news".

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